MOTUS, Association

Motus Assoc. is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2001. Its main aim is to create a professional production environment for the development of creativity, actively strive to continuously improve conditions for the creative work of independent artists, support unusual creative activities and support, develop and promote new works of art and new projects. It strives to promote change and an understanding of current trends in the development of the Czech cultural environment. Its activities support the creation of a cultural and civic platform that contributes to the democratisation and development of civil society.

Since 2001, Motus has overseen the renewed operations at Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre. It represents a platform in connection with whichin surrounding which a number of important art groups have gradually come into being. These include: Krepsko, Envoi, Stage Code, Secondhand Women, Handa Gote Research and Development, Wariot Ideal, Boca Loca Lab and DoMA / At Home.

The statutory representative of Motus Assoc. is the Chairman. Other bodies of the Association are the Motus Council and the Motus Circle. Since 2007, members of the Motus Circle have elected the artistic management of Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre.

Motus Chairman: Tomáš Procházka
Motus Council: Maria Cavina, Daniela Voráčková, Boris Jedinak
Motus Circle: Jiri Adámek, Vladimír Burián, Maria Cavina, Milena Dörnerová, Emílie Formanová, Jakub Grosman, Jakub Hybler, Boris Jedinak, Jan Kalivoda, Howard Lotker, Ewan McLaren, Tereza Magnan, Tomáš Procházka, Philipp Schenker, Petr Šourek, Veronika Švábová, Petr Tyc , Daniela Voráčková

Artistic leadership 2001-2021:

2019-2021 Tomáš Procházka (Handa Gote / Wariot Ideal)
2010-2018 Ewan McLaren
2003-2009 Šárka Havlíčkova
2001-2002 Daniela Voráčková and Maria Cavina

International cooperation

In 2015-2018 Motus hosted Bazaar Festival - an international festival of contemporary dance and movement theatre mainly from the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

In the period 2013 to 2015, Motus Assoc. in cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Warsaw, the Lublin Cultural Centre and the State Dance Academy in Athens, participated in the European project “Identities. Move!

In 2013, a co-production of Andrea Miltnerová and Motus Assoc. earned a place on the prestigious list of so-called Priority Companies 2013, in the most significant European network, Aerowaves.

Since May 2012 Motus Assoc. has been a member of the EEPAP (East European Performing Arts Platform).

In April 2012 Motus Assoc. co-organised the international symposium “Devised Dramaturgy: a Shared Space” within the framework of the Prague Quadrennial.

Since 2011, Motus has worked with the L1 Association in Budapest on the projects: Workshop Flying Low (Budapest 2011) and the Laboratorium of Dance Criticism (Budapest 2012).

In 2004-2008, Small Inventory (Malá Inventura) - Motus was the initiator and main organiser of this festival, which presents the most interesting projects of the previous season. Since 2009, the festival has been produced by New Network (Nová síť).

New Network - In 2004, Motus initiated a project to support the distribution, decentralisation and presentation of contemporary stage design in the Czech Republic. The inspiration was the New Axis (Nová Osa) festival - a festival of friendly drama theatre.

4points for Culture (4body pro kulturu 2005) - Motus and Rejuvenation (Oživení) Assoc. are co-founders of this initiative that significantly influenced the transformation of cultural grants in Prague.

Initiative for Culture (2005) - Motus is a founding member of this organisation whose objective is, among other things, to facilitate positive changes in the fields of legislation and the financing of culture in the Czech Republic.

Motus was one of the original organisers of the event Car Free Day (Auto Matt), and stood together with the associations, Rejuvenation and Prague Mother at the birth of Auto * Mat.

In 2005, Secondhand Women theatre group won the Jury Prize for the best female production, for the project MEZZO, at the 7th Fiesta 2005 International Festival! in Caracas, Venezuela. The Mezzo project, which was created in co-production with MOTUS, succeeded in competition with 26 other performances from 18 different countries.

In 2004, Motus Assoc. received an award for the Production of the Year as part of the Next Wave (Příští Vlna) Festival. Motus was awarded a Distinction for the concept of the Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre as a stage for new theatre and for the foundation of the New Network project.