In 1997 Alfred ve dvoře (Alfred in the Courtyard) Mime Theatre was established by mime artist, choreographer, director and teacher, Prof. Ctibor Turba. During two years of operation, eleven productions were produced, which were performed at many international festivals. A range of companies from abroad appeared at the theatre. In March 2001 Prof. Ctibor Turba decided to resign from the artistic and organisational direction of the theatre and he rented it to the registered Association, Motus.

Construction of the theatre, carried out by Metrostav, took place in 1996 and 1997. The designers of the building are academician (akad.) Jindřich Smetana and Engineer of Architecture (ing. arch.) Tomáš Kulík. The building has the character of a garden theatre pavilion, and it is also referred to as the "Iron Camera" due to its appearance. Its concept of staggered portals interconnected with glazed panes allows for optimal geometry inside the space and corresponds with the park-like layout of the courtyard.  Alfred ve dvoře / Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre is one of the few new theatres built in Prague in the 20th century, and the only one built since 1989 whose construction was supported by the City of Prague. The theatre was awarded the Architecture Grand Prix '98 in the category for New Construction.