in English and Arabic with Czech subtitles|50 [min]

A multidisciplinary theatre performance that blends visual art, live micro-cinema with documentary and object theatre. The War Maker is based on a real story of Palestinian visual artist Kareem Shahin. It provokes identity questions and follows his absurd journey with cruel brutalities that ultimately put him at the crossroads between love, dreams and family connections.

Director: Husam Abed
Art Director: Astrid Mendez
Stage and prop designer: Katarina Cahova (Katanari), Astrid Mendez
Dramaturgy: Marek Turosik
Music: Matěj Vejdělek, Husam Abed
Light design: Matěj Vejdělek, Dmitri Berzon
Film: Reka Deak, Dmitri Berzon
Performers: Husam Abed, Matěj Vejdělek

Supported by AFAC (Arab Fund for Art and Culture / Beirut), the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Culture Fund, Prague 7 City District