CZ|30 [min]

A petty puppet shadow theatre about the birth of Jesus Christ with Christmas songs from Moravia and Silesia and readings of the Gospel of Luke and Matthew from the Bible of Kralice 

Hana Voříšková
An artist and occasional puppet actor, creator of theatrical machines and public art school teacher in Choceň who on the weekends and holidays travels around Czechia with small and even smaller puppet shows. Her gigs are ranging from theatre festivals to family gatherings and her specialty are puppet and song machines inspired by ticket and coffee machines and it includes the typical coin slot used to trigger the performance designed for 1-2 members of audience. The performance is usually only a couple of minutes long, while Hana Voříšková's larger theatre pieces are up to 30min long. Apart from these projects Voříšková has authored moveable books and self-service puppet theatres.