Art's Birthday ! musica metalicita

Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening
no language barrier|120 [min]

Art is celebrating its 1,000,059th birthday and Czech Radio Vltava in cooperation with the Alfred ve dvoře theatre have prepared a celebration, live broadcast and concert party to mark the occasion, which during the two-hour programme will offer not only audio connections to a number of locations across Europe, but above all musical performances in which various musicians will come together on one stage and electronically and acoustically sound various metal objects or instruments using the resonance of metal. Their sound gifts will be brought by Tomáš Pernický, Alex Švamberk, Stanislav Abraham, Jan Trojan, Barbora Tomášková, Monika Knoblochová & Michal Nejtek. The evening will be guided by Petra Knut Kultová.

What will be heard during the evening from the satellite airwaves of Euroradio from other places in Europe is a matter of unpredictable synapses. Anyway, if telecommunication wires allow, we will try to connect to the global soundscape of the Belgian project ART'S WASHING DAY washing machines, or unwrap gifts from the Austrian

If you would like to contribute your own audio gift of maximum 30 seconds, please feel free to send it by 15 January 2022 to

"The multinational corporation Global Metallicity has announced that it has successfully swept the civilized world clean, that is, purged the last electronic musical instruments as relics of an age of rampant waste of strategic resources. Metal quotas for electromobility and consumer electronics have thus been successfully secured for this year and metallic balance has been established..." So far, these are just echoes of the memories of the future from which the concept of Art's Birthday programme has been cast. It hints at a future in which, for example, such PA sound systems can only be rented with special permission from the Ministry of Industry, brass instruments are available at the risk of astronomical if only on the black market, and hearing the sound of a real harpsichord becomes a most luxurious experience reserved for the wealthiest one percent. Welcome to a world in which the linear system of consumption and the dictates of economic growth have put a full stop to the metallicity of PVC music and transformed it into mere memory and machine reproduction. Following this metalphysical logic, the evening's programme will be divided into three sections for sheet metal, wire and springs. You will be so much reminiscing about a fabricated future without metal in music.

foto: Jan Hromádko
foto: Khalil Baalbaki