CZ|50 [min]

A fantastical children’s story about the great adventurous journey of humankind to the stars, about the secrets of the Universe, the endlessness of space, human creativity and all the other questions which arise while we stare at the night sky. The adventure of three boys who observe myriads of stars, adore astronauts and dream of journeys millions of light years away. The story of people lost in that mysterious world where anything is possible. A children’s game in which everyone wants to be a cosmonaut, yet just as in real life, not everyone can be. Someone has to be the builder, someone else has to navigate away from Earth, someone has to whoosh like a rocket during takeoff, someone has to be the aliens from outer space. Each of them is an intrinsic part of the game, each role has its own adventure and each, even the most longed after roles, has its own pitfalls. A play for kids, moreover a play with kids. For the audience will create the story together with the performers – a journey of adventure, using play to discover the Universe and our own imaginations. All of us have our own planet, our own Universe. Puppets, theatre, and rockets! Robots, Mars, and Martians!

“Our goal is to awaken in kids the inclination and desire to discover things in the world around them, as well as things that are going on inside them. We want to use play to discover the Universe, everything around us, and also our own Universe, the one each of us carries deep inside.“ - Vojta Švejda

Premiere: On 13th December 2012 in Alfred ve dvoře

This Czech creative group Wariot Ideal was formed in 2009 by gradual interconnection of the group „Adriatik uvádí“ and the work of the actor and mime artist Vojta Švejda. They worked together for some time and created a number of prominent projects on the Czech alternative scene. The group itself is formed by artists engaged in devised theatre work, film, sound, and light design. The group mostly focuses on theatre work, improvisation and music activities and attempts at finding new possibilities within various fields of artistic expression. In theatre, they concentate on comedy-movement expression aimed at the audience of their generation.