for children
Sa 17 September
CZ|180 [min]

The American sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976) became famous for his miniature mechanical circus, which was presented in Paris after 1926 (Cirque Calder). Calder was not only the creator of imaginative figures and circus objects, but also conceived the two-hour choreography of a unique circus performance in which he himself performed. Be inspired by Alexander Calder's poetic circus world and come create your own characters of performers, contortionists, rope walkers, comedians, fakirs, jesters and jugglers. Like Alexander Calder, we will bring the bodies of circus figures to life with wires, springs, hairy wires, cork plugs, wood, leather, fabric scraps, buttons or cotton. Tension, courage and thrilling moments guaranteed! 

The workshop will be brought to you by kosmo_nauty. We are looking forward to it!  

About kosmo_nauty  

I am on the way. I am returning to archetypes and rediscovering the landscape of childhood. I am fascinated by forgotten memories and anonymous memories left behind. I like to hide and hide. Since 2021, I have been taking care of a freely accessible chapel at 7/1365 Komunardů Street in Prague 7. This year I exhibited my original puppets at Cavin-Morris Gallery in New York. An integral part of the project is the realization of thematic art workshops (not only) for children (e.g. International Puppet Festival Žižkovská loutka, Humpole zone 8smička, Open Air Program Hradec Králové, Atrium na Žižkově, Elpida, art re use, Zero Waste Festival Prague, Gdański Archipelag Kultury /PL/).