for children
Th 17 October
SK|60 [min]

Wilderness, a puppet fairy tale both for children and the adults, is about the joy of scaring. It was created by the theater group Odivo and loosely based on the motives of the book Where There Are Wild Things Are by the American illustrator and writer Maurice Sendak. A fairy tale about Max - an ordinary boy with an extraordinary imagination. And about his cat. And the wilderness. And a lot of other things that can fit in one red cart. All
wilderness will be accompanied by live music previously unheard of - vibraphone, guitar and drums. Expect rare puppets made of bicycle parts and various oddly shaped pieces of wood.

Based on the book by: Maurice Sendak
Set Design: Ivana Macková
Created by and dramaturgy: Mária Danadová and Monika Kováčová
Directed by: Monika Kováčová and the wild collective
Starring: Maria Danadova, Filip Hajduk and musicians Jan Fiala (vibraphone, drums,
percussion), Stefan Szabo (guitar)
Photography: Monika Vaškorová and Dominik Janovský
Wilderness was presented at the following festivals: BRaK - Bratislava Book Festival (Bratislava, SK), Dotyky a spojenia (Martin, SK), Kiosk (Žilina, SK), Kremnické gagy 2016 (Kremnica, SK).

The performance was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the Literary Fund. A big thank you for space and support goes to the Z Pasáže theatre and Záhrada - the center for independent culture in Banská Bystrica.