Tu 10 September
We 11 September
no language barrier|50 [min]

Tremula is the first encounter on the stage between acrobat Eliška Brtnická and dancer Martina Hajdyla. Along with director Jana Stárková, they search for intersections in their artistic approaches within pure physicality, developing them further in collaboration with composer Ian Mikyska and visual artist Pavel Havrda.

Are we at the beginning or at the end? The final tremors, a fire dying out… a calamity of the elements or an ecstatic state? A state of absolute happiness or immeasurable suffering? Or simply daily exhaustion brought about by the mundanity of the everyday?

We must rest. Stay put for a while.
Where only moments ago a fire raged, it is now quiet. Bodies are exhausted, time has slowed down.
Finally rest. But how long can one endure it?

Perception of time changes in living organisms. Our aim is to be as fast and productive as possible, yet we see value in permanence and durability. 
The root system we grow out of forms the foundation of our existence. We support each other and create a society. The malleable bodies that acquire strength over the course of the journey become stable supporting pillars.

Concept: Martina Hajdyla, Eliška Brtnická, Jana Stárková
Performers: Martina Hajdyla, Eliška Brtnická
Music: Ian Mikyska
Stage and light design: Pavel Havrda
Costumes: Petra Vlachynská
Pohybová spolupráce: Kristián Mensa
Musicians: Ian Mikyska, Jakub Švejnar / Jaroslav Čermín Noga
Technical support: Sebastián Vích 
Photo: Alex Chudá 
Graphics: Jozef Ondrík 
Social Media: Alice Krajčírová 
Production: Eva Roškaňuková, Jiří Hajdyla / ME-SA
Partners: Studio Alta,, Cirqueon, SE.S.TA
Premiere: 19. 10. 2023, Studio Alta, Praha

Foto: Michal Hančovský