Československé klacky
CZ|40 [min]

Beyond the Arctic Circle, in the land of freezing cold, lives the nation of Lapps. They take care of herds of reindeer and when the animals have nothing left to eat, the herdsmen join them on a journey for food. They have their reindeer herds, which they take care of and when reindeer have nothing to eat, the herdsmen go on a journey with them for food. One day even the smallest Sami sets out on such a journey. He has no idea what to expect, but recklessly embarks on an adventure.

Directed by: Johana Bártová
Dramaturgy: Československé klacky
Music: Jakub Šulík and Matěj Šumbera
Set design: Jakub Šulík
Starring: Jakub Šulík, Matěj Šumbera, Johana Bártová