Fr 13 September
Sa 14 September
no language barrier|60 [min]

We’ll definitely be baking a mask! The rest will be assembled on the head and welded together using a red-hot pan. Or glued together with eggs. Then an Assyrian made with snails. And clothes-iron shoes – thus the need for a circuit breaker. A basket-maker and straw-weaver and their tools and musical instruments. Looks like it’ll be a concert, actually! The Old Testament as a source inspiration and as a support for drilling, grating, and blanching. A life-and-death struggle in shouting and hollering. A conflict over three arrows. Sacrifice as a path towards peace.
As long as nothing is underestimated. Let us now eat and drink in order to become one with our roots! Our ancestors are our roots. And we are all balls! (Meaning testes)! We love our ancestors, but we regularly underestimate etiquette and overestimate boot-licking. What a shame... Still, if Job could do it, anyone can! Which probably means us as well. But don’t piss off the tree-demon! Or it’ll be the end of us. Depths where even the gods aren’t so special and we humans don’t always make it to the surface in time. And also theatre, dance, sport, or just hanging around.

Authors: Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda, Milena Dörnerová, Šimon Janíček


Supported by: the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Culture Fund, Prague 7 City District, Motus - Alfred ve dvoře theatre, Four Days