Tereza Bartůňková, Jan Čtvrtník a kol.
nonverbal|60 [min]

An exceptionally suggestive audiovisual journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Tamura’s final journey. Volcanic gravel underfoot, the sun burning his back. The sound of his own shallow breathing is drowned out by irregular explosions somewhere in the distance. Wherever the eye looks, the landscape is scorched by the sun’s radiation and by the fires still burning on the
plains. There is thick, choking smoke everywhere. Helplessness and desperation. And while the soldier Tamura is dying amidst this scene between war and environmental catastrophe, the viewer is encouraged to think and imagine and to become aware of the approaching apocalypse.

This performance, devised by Tereza Bartůňková, Jan Čtvrtník and co. follows loosely upon their previous project, Dialogue. They found inspiration for this new work in Japanese author Ooka Shohei’s novel Fire on the Plain. The performance creatorsparaphrase the dense storyline into a
powerful audiovisual experience that is part radio play, part concert, and part comics. The sound, music, and visuals are created and mixed live, in real time, right on the stage.

Concept: Tereza Bartůňková, Jan Čtvrtník a kol.
Stage design: Tereza Bartůňková
Sound concept: Jan Čtvrtník
Sound design: Jan Nedbal, Jan Čtvrtník
Production: Anna Hořejší
Performers: Tereza Bartůňková, Michal Bednář, Jan Čtvrtník, Nataša Mikulová, Jan Nedbal
Comics: Tereza Bartůňková, Lucie Lučanská
Technical support: Šimon Janíček, Jan Kalivoda

Special thanks: Jakub Aeldrynov, Jakub Hybler, Marta Ljubková, Lucie Lučanská, Robert Smolík

Photo: Anna Hladká
Photo: Adéla Vosičková
Photo: Adéla Vosičková
Photo: Anna Hladká