Petra Fornayová a kol.
Mo 14 October
SK|60 [min]

Subjective Future is a fictitious documentary - a statement of one generation coping with the perspective of time, a subjective interpretation of the near or far future of established artists from various artistic disciplines who casually comment on their possible course of life.Dance, theater, visual arts, film documentary and music are used in the performance as equivalent artistic means. Subjective fears and visions meet in one space with objective prognoses of the evolution of our world, from the more menacing to those less apocalyptic. In the year 2060 Slovakia will be coping
with the first major demographic crisis - the majority of the population will be retired and therefore unproductive. Will there by any use to us and others of (our) art? Will it also become "unproductive" along with us, or will it become a means of the development of a "better" world? Could this naive idea win over the ubiquitous neoliberal madness, where the only relevant discourse is economic discourse? Are we going to retain? Out of unwillingness to live to the full, of the lack of will, we lose our ideas - are we going to call it a day? From the position of the future, we look at the present which may suddenly appear different. We create our ideas, we perceive our fears and desires. We observe our own possible future.

Concept and directed by: Petra Fornayová
Written and interpreted by: Petra Fornayová, Adam Hanuljak, Natália Okolicsányiová, Ján Šimko
Visual concept, realization and supervision of visuals: Boris Vitázek
Music: Lucia Džubáková - Chuťková
Costumes: Iveta Haasová
Dramaturgy: Peter Šulej
Technical direction and lighting design: Slavomír Šmálik
Voice-over: Lucia Hurajova
Texts: Peter Šulej - Prišli Odišli; Jean Améry On Aging / Revolt and Resignation; Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek - Accelerate Manifesto; Paul Verhaeghe -- Various texts; Ondrej Štefánik - Som Paula, personality questionnaires MMPI{ /1}
Production: AST

Premiere: 17.5. 2017, A4 - Bratislava

Presentation of the performance was supported by the Slovak Arts Council form the public funds.