Sa 26 March
in english|120 [min]

Once again, Saturday Bazaar will refresh the festival program, offering new perspectives and insights. In a direct and topical dialogue with emerging art, much of which is encountering an audience for the first time, spectators will have the chance to view extracts of works in progress from dance and theatre artists working in Central Europe. This year's presentations explore a wide range of themes, from extreme cottage culture in Šumava to mapping the migration of birds, mammals, pollen, tides and tectonic changes through contemporary dance. Spectators can then reflect on the provocative, surprising and above all never before seen extracts in stimulating discussions.

The Saturday Bazaar program includes:

Bartosz Ostrowski (PL) and co.: CHOREOGRAPHIC ATLAS

Musaši Entertainment Company (CZ): MOJE CHALUPA, MŮJ ZÁMEK (MY COTTAGE, MY CASTLE)

and an additional  two projects from the Czech Republic.

The Saturday Bazaar program will take place in English.

Saturday Bazaar 2022 is supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.