Hunger and Taste
We 11 December
We 16 October
CZ|40 [min]

Robinsonade is a name used for a type of literary work whose main characters are castaways trying to escape the site of a shipwreck.
We have capsized in Letňany. The creative group Hunger and Taste reenacts a night exploratory expedition and offers the audience guidance to enjoy a fantastic winter adventure in Prague.

Elišká Říhová studied at the Jižní Město grammar school in Prague followed by two years at the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University and currently studies at the Direction-Dramaturgy department with at KALD DAMU where she's lead by L. Jiřička and T. Procházka. As a director and writer she participated in the performance Přijímám (MeetFactory, 2017). As a student she's written and directed a hand puppet play Bao! Bao! (2019) performed at various festivals with Studio Damúza. She also participated in the cabaret show Human, the Unalterable Dreamer and her latest project is Tanes smrti premiered in August 2019 within the festival Theatrum Kuks.

Jakub Šulík studied the High School of Applied Arts in Kremnica, Slovakia and currently studies at the Stage Design department lead by R. Smolík at KALD DAMU. He co-authored music for various plays by Studio Damúza and Divadlo Continuo and authored stage design for several festivals, such as Floating Castle (2017, 2018) and Kočí v Chotčí (2018). Among his latest project is a fairy tale Nejmenší ze Sámů (2019) [presented at the festival in Erlangen] and also production of costumes, masks and puppets for an interactive play titled Krabat produced by Valdštejnská Lodžie. He is also an author of music and stage design for the play Tanec smrti.

The performance was developed with support of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater of DAMU.