George Cremaschi, Jana Novorytová
Th 26 September
We 25 September
CZ + EN|50 [min]

As the earth heats up, the orchestra continues to play but the titanic is sinking. Beyond the deniers
and idiots, and whoever or whatever can be blamed, there is little doubt that life on earth is
entering a phase of drastic realignment. Environmental catastrophe won't end life on earth
but.....don't worry it will all be fine, soon enough someone will find a solution.

Reimagining a Brightly Lit Future is an interdisciplinary commentary on societal paralysis and
cynical manipulation in the face of slow-moving disaster. Movement, sound, text, light and video
point toward a dystopian present where we watch the destruction from the comfort of our living
rooms while relaxed and sedated.

It starts with the physical language of personal dysfunction as expressed in the choreography, and
combines it with fittingly intense and futuristic light and electronic sound, while the video elements
recall a nostalgically simpler time where easy good vs evil equations made sense of a complex

Reimagining a Brightly Lit Future is inspired by the absurd contemporary landscape to work within
a tragicomic framework where no outcome, however ridiculous, is unthinkable.

Concept and interpretation: George Cremaschi, Jana Novorytová
Choreography: Jana Novorytová
Music: George Cremaschi
Dramaturgy: Mish Rais
Světlo / Light design: Pavel Jan
Produkce Production: CreWcollective

Jana Novorytová a George Cremaschi have been working together in interdisciplinary contexts
since 2012. In their various projects (Moving Orchestra, Los Amargados y Las Maleadas,
Performativni Biograf) the goal is toward making the elements (movement/sound/visual/location)
equal partners. With this new work they introduce thematic and textual components for the first