Great Circus of Failure, Masha
in english|30 [min]

"Hello friend, let's go to the den!"

Randevu Squad is a brave group of creatures who set out on a hike in order to find the lost Sun. Their way goes through the search fields and obscure corners of real and digital realms. The collective journey takes place in the form of an interactive online performance, in which each
spectator freely defines the rate of participation. Shining eyes light the path, warm breath warms a neighbor in a cold abyss.

Total number of guests of Randevu Squad is 12 and registration for the performance is required. Participants will receive further instructions towards the action after the registration.

"Right or left? Shouldn’t we stay? No, we have to crawl."

Randevu Squad was developed for Alfred ve dvore by the Great Circus of Failure and Masha. The project is a second attempt to formalize and structure the experience in distance communication explored by artists during the winter of 2019 and the spring of 2020.

Great Circus of Failure was formed by Masha Fomenko and Petr Laden in spring 2018 and is based in Moscow and Berlin. Working with interactive performances and new media, Circus explores forms of co-creation and fragile spaces of coexistence.

Masha (Maria Komarova) is a Belarusian artist, who works in the field of postdramatic theatre, sound and visual arts. Most of her works are characterized by using of usual things in unusual contexts with an attempt to change the view/listen-point to daily life.