Prague Improvisation Orchestra
concert|180 [min]

For the third time, Prague Improvisation Orchestra has prepared a two-day festival of music and performance in Alfred ve dvoře. Each evening will feature a different work from PIO and a special performance of the guest artists.

Wednesday December 13th

Ferst Dadler
Velocità di fuga is the new premiere of the performance group Ferst Dadler, led by Elia Moretti, this time collaborating with acclaimed Berliners composer/performer Burkhard Beins and light performer Michael Vorfeld. How can spectatorship be created through listening? What does it mean to be in the world according to listening? Both sound and light are ephemeral, they are neither a source nor a receiver, they exist in relation. But do light and sound really have agency? Ferst Dadler explores their performativity in this new experimental music theatre production.

PIO will play new works inspired by the electroacoustic music of Iannis Xenakis. Five electronic musicians and three percussionists will work with timelines drawn from the original recordings, and in the process make something new while directly echoing the primary sources. PIO will be joined by California computer music legend Tim Perkis, whose group The League of Automatic Music Composers was the first live computer music ensemble, and whose subsequent group, The Hub, was the first live computer music band whose members were all composers as well as designers and builders of their own hardware and software. Iannis Xenakis was a giant of 20th century composition, whose prolific and groundbreaking
output encompassed every area from innovative solo instrumental works to large orchestra and choral works. His electroacoustic tape pieces are classics of the genre, embracing clear and simple beauty to dense and brutal noise.

PIO members:
Jan Chalupa, George Cremaschi, Ken Ganfield, Elia Moretti, Jakub Švejnar, Petr Vrba, Michal Zbořil
special guest: Tim Perkis


Thursday December 14th

Ferst Dadler
Velocità di fuga will be repeated, see above description.

PIO will continue their long investigation of graphic scores with an all New York–Czechoslovakia program!
Classic pieces by Earle Brown and Christian Wolff will be played along with works by Jan Steklík, Milan Adamčiak and Milan Grygar. Also a new composition from PIO instigator George Cremaschi will be premiered.
Earle Brown and Christian Wolff are members of the legendary New York School, an informal and massively influential group of composers which also includes John Cage and Morton Feldman. Jan Steklík, Milan Adamčiak and Milan Grygar are all visual artists as well as prolific authors of a wide variety of graphic sound scores.

PIO members:
George Cremaschi, David Danel, Jan Jirucha, Andrea La Rose, Elia Moretti, Vojtěch Procházka, Renata Raková, Petr Vrba, Michal Wróblewski, Michal Zbořil

Special thanks to Martin Režný for the Xenakis idea.

PIO DYNAMO is supported by Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic and The City of Prague.

Alfred ve dvoře Theatre is supported by City of Prague, Ministry of Culture, State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague 7 The District of Art and Culture.