Jan Kulka
8MM / 16MM
Mo 25 March
CZ|110 [min]

Patterns (2022, 42min, 60mm film)
Patterns is a handmade art film is created mainly by printing on a 60mm wide film stock using a specially developed printing machine. The main aim of the film is to reveal the properties and cinematographic potential of regular shapes and geometric structures under a variety of projection conditions. The birth and decay of the illusion of movement, depth of space and other perceptual phenomena.

The projector is a special projection apparatus for live film performances, designed to grope and explore the liminal areas of film and human vision that are technically inaccessible by conventional means.

Creator: Jan Kulka
Music: Ian Mikyska

The making of Paterny was made possible through the support of the State Cinematography Fund.

There must be some way out of here
labodoble: Georgy Bagdasarov a Alexandra Moralesova

The forest as an impenetrable clump of branches with sticky fingers, a territory of strange textures inhabited by shadowy creatures. An inhuman place just about to be reinvented as a landscape. A hostile nature intersected by the burning and intoxicating light of reason. Its reflections permeate the dark form of the enlightened self, seeking a way out, out of itself. The fragile moving image is accompanied by an alien voice that oscillates between controlled relaxation and exaltation. A baroque drama about light for two projectors, two shutters and two players.