Su 09 May
2021 online
nonverbal|60 [min]

Performance was staging in Hall 30 (Alta) during 2008-2009. Record is available in the archive.

The mushroom as a fantastic form of life, somewhere between a plant and an animal. Mushroom picking as a typical Czech cultural ritual, with as much as 80% of the population from all layers of society said to do it. Mushrooms as an inspiration for artists, mushroom as a catalyst for the extermination of something old and the birth of something new. The mushroom as a magical symbol.

The performance is primarily a tribute to the beauty and mystery of mushrooms, and following the example of the happenings by John Cage, the composer and mycologist, should take on the form of dance, concert, lecture, performance, laboratory experiment or a movie.

The stage is a space where live music inspired by the sound of the simplest acoustic instruments meets with projection of photographs and online microscopy, minimalist motion and objects made from materials discovered in the forest.

Prepared by: Freudl, Hybler, Smolík, Procházka, Dorner, Švábová, Mikeš, Kropáček, Petra Púčiková
Premiere: 20th November 2008