Daria Gosteva
small scene
Sa 24 September
in English with Russian parts|45 [min]

The performance on Saturday 24 September is in English. If you are interested in the Czech version please follow this link.

A documentary puppet production by a Russian scenographer working in Prague. Daria Gosteva tells the story of a strange house under the spruce trees outside Moscow. Out of memory emerges a mysterious house with a cold kitchen made of window frames and steep red stairs and its bizarre inhabitants and neighbours: a singing bourgeois, an Afghan war veteran, the Dong and Jumbli siblings and other strange inhabitants of this near and yet so distant world. Originally created as a home theatre project, we are also presenting this production at Alfred ve dvoře for a limited audience. 

Direction, stage design, performer: Daria Gosteva (RU)
Music and sound: Frieda Gawenda (D) 
Photo: Martin Špelda
Special thanks: Dagmar Urbánková, Tomáš Procházka, Jiří Vydra, Anna Belova

The production is part of the Nová síť za Ukrajinu project, which aims to present artists and works dealing with current issues in Ukraine and Russia in the regions of the Czech Republic.

Daria Gosteva is a student of stage design at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU, founder of the international ensemble KHWOSHCH, which premiered its successful puppet project Dinopera at Alfred ve dvoře last year.

Foto: Martin Špelda
Foto: Martin Špelda
Foto: Martin Špelda
Foto: Martin Špelda
Foto: Martin Špelda
Foto: Martin Špelda