Matěj Šumbera
CZ|30 [min]

Luminofor is a staged concert written for an instrument from another world. An instrument pulled from the depths of a black hole where reality meets infinity. An audiovisual journey beyond the event horizon whose pace is set and ended by a heartbeat. A black hole is a cosmic body exerting a gravitational force so great that nothing escapes from it, neither light nor information. All its matter is concentrated in a single point, the singularity. Everything that falls into it is compressed, unified, lost. It's the only place I can truly be alone. A body festooned with sensors controls the synthesizers. Sound travels through cables to coils where it creates an electromagnetic field that bends the electron stream. They hit the surface of the screen and turn into light. In the eye, the particles of light become electricity again, which draws a picture of the world in our brains.

Author & performer: Matěj Šumbera
Special thanks:  Tomáš Procházka, Braňo Mazúch, Marek Bečka, Emil Rothermel
Premiéra: 11. 10. 2021, Alfred ve dvoře

Supported by: MČ Praha 7 - Art District, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Státní fond kultury ČR, MOTUS, z.s., produkce Alfred ve dvoře, DAMU