no language barrier|60 [min]

A performance on the crossroads of country concert, visual installation and theatre. A nostalgic poem about fragility, it presents a trio of boys who, against the backdrop of a heroic landscape, try one last time to face a cruel harsch world, or they will disappear for good.

Concept, direction, stage design: Jan Mocek
Performers: Robin Seidl, Arseniy Mikhaylov, Tomáš Janypka
Music: Matouš Hekela
Sound and light design: Ondřej Růžička
Artistic cooperation: Tinka Avramova, Irina Andreeva
Consultation: Sodja Lotker, Erika Čičmanová, Martin Vala
Production: Táňa Švehlová, SixHouses z.s.

Projects of Jan Mocek occupy place on the border between theatre and visual arts. In his performances Mocek combines elements of popculture, politics and documentary, dealing with contemporary issues. His latest shows Zářící město (2015), Shadow Meadow (2017), Fatherland (2018), Virtual Ritual (2019), I am the problem (2020), Present: Perfect (2021)  were introduced at foreign festivals, including Fast Forward Dresden, Submerge Digital Arts Festival, 4+4 Days in Motion, Use the City Košice and others. His works are introduced in cooperation with Táňa Švehlová as part of their own SixHouses production platform. Mocek is a member of In-Situ network.

Supported by: hlavní město Praha, Ministerstvo kultury, Státní fond kultury ČR, Praha 7 - Art district