Theatre B
for children
small scene
Sa 06 April
for children 3+
Fr 05 April
CS|40 [min]

This performance for kids over 3 years of age depicts the story of a well-known cormorant and is based on a classic fairy tale, yet things are a bit different this time as this Otesánek is a robot who initially comes across as a true handyman, but things soon get complicated. It's still just a fairy tale and a happy end is inevitable.

„Read the manual before you start constructing such intricate being as a robot as it might happen that you give life to a haywire creature, one that doesn't behave the way you want it to. That's what daddy – a genuine creator, improver and inventor – had on his mind, but what was meant to be a nice surprise for mommy might as well end up being something completely different.

The current and former members of the Buchy a loutky ensemble and their friends recently founded Divadlo b with focus on plays for children with more than 25 years of fruitful experience. They recently premiered a feature film Malý Pán (currently in theatres) directed by Radek Beran while René Krupanský leads the puppet of Malý pán. An eponymous puppet theatre piece followed based both on the movie but also inspired by the book Velká cesta malého pána by Lenka Uhlířová and Jiží Stach. The company performed at various festivals and other places in the Czech Republic (Letní Letná, Mateřinka Liberec, Ašlerky, Divadlo evropských regionů, VyšeHrátky, Dejvické divadlo, Nová scéna Národního divadla) as well as abroad (Kwidzin POLAND, Malacky SLOVAKIA, Ubergange AUSTRA etc.)

Supported by The City Of Prague