CZ|50 [min]

An irreparable theater lover and notorious amateur actor performs everything a connoisseur of performing arts desires to see - opera, western, ballet and horror. An epochal work of the king of illusions will be seen. A big performance will come to life before the eyes of the audience. Genres, characters and costumes switch faster than you could grasp and our hero fails to notice that the prisoner of the world of illusions is no one other than himself. 

The Wariot Ideal ensemble goes back to its roots with The Illusionist - a one-man cabaret performance of Vojta Švejda, following up on the previous success of solo clown performances Bliss and Albert Is Afraid.The new work is not a simple return to modern pantomime or clownism, rather it strenuously creates an eclectic mix of seemingly all existing stage disciplines. Vojta Švedja plays a classic anti-heroic character who dreams of a role in a big theater regardless the costs.

Performer: Vojta Švejda
Director: Petr Forman
Music: Jan Kalivoda
Light design: Jan Dőrner
Production: Milena Dőrnerová
Technical support: Petr Horký a Jan Niesyt
Stage consulting: Josef Sodomka
Costumes: Lenka Polášková, realizováno na dílnách LenMi
Graphics: Štěpán Malovec
Photo: Jana Láberová a Bohouš Pospíšil
PR: Eliška Míkovcová

Special thanks: Matěj Forman

photo: Jana Láberová
photo: Jana Láberová
photo: Jana Láberová