Tu 01 December
2020 online
CZ + SK|30 [min]

A psychedelic puppet show from the environment of the mystical deep Czechoslovak forests, where reminiscence mingles with hallucination, animals sniff out their prey and two brothers are bound together by more than appears on first impression. The performance makes use of classic marionette puppets, and at the same time also uses elements of object theatre. It represents a combination of traditional and modern principles of animation.

Concept, directors, cast: Tereza Havlová, Veronika Traburová, Jakub Šulík
Music: Adam Páník

The performance originated on the basis of a student assignment to create marionette puppets and scenography at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU KALD) in 2018. However, the production itself was created later, as a leisure-time project.

Supported by / thanks to: KALD DAMU, Pískovište festival