Mo 29 June
non-verbal|100 [min]

MIRAMARE / 17.00h

MIRAMARE  is a restaurant by the sea. It serves guests and seagulls alike. Some come in their bathing suits, others in evening gowns. Some leave their chairs forever empty. The sea is perilously close and life is short yet bearable with just the right seasoning. But the summer season draws to a close.  A physical comedy / clown exploration of the world of waiting, ordering, serving and consuming. Nostalgia mixes with slapstick, mayhem with loneliness. Comedy on the ever thinning line between the horizon and the skies.

Clowns: Mário Mačičák, Natálie Podešvová, Arman Kupelyan, Marek Strýček, Katarína Hudačková, Alba Martinez, Jorge Lopez de la Rosa, Imanol Mendez
Pedagogical guidance: Lukáš Houdek


Searching for the Ideal. Four actors, four thoughts, four fates a four chairs which define the world. An absurd, funny and physical theatre about fantastic dreams, humble wishes and hidden desires. A physical poem about happiness and good will which unfortunately often miss its goal.

Creative team, performance: Alba Martinez, Jorge Lopez de la Rosa, Imanol Mendez Petr Biel
Music: Vladimír Cháb
Pedagogical guidance, direction: Roman Horák

The project was realized in the frame of the programme “Research through Arts” at the Musical Faculty of Performing Arts in Prague.