for children 3+
Sa 10 September
CZ|70 [min]

Who can surprise the greedy tongue of a greedy king? His servants? The cooks? And what about when an unexpected guest knocks on the door? One thing is certain - no one wants to incur the king's wrath.

A puppet-technical-mechanical fairy tale about George who, thanks to his curiosity, has learned to understand animal language and now embarks on an adventurous journey to find Princess Goldilocks for his king.

Direction and stage design: vi.TVOR
Performers: by Štěpánka Romová, Petr Hanák, Matěj Záhořík, Jan Leichman

Premiere: 18 September 2021, Polárka Theatre, Brno.

vi.TVOR is a loose group of artists between Prague and Jičín, looking for possibilities of expression through visual theatre. It is mainly interested in multi-genre experimental theatre and puppet theatre for children and adults.