Sa 09 March
CZ|90 [min]

This year's FAMUFEST 40: Networks brings a new concept of connection with the Department of Game Design - authorial play. This will mediate the interaction between authors and audiences through collaborative and annotated computer game play. You can enjoy ten games created by our students. The author will always briefly introduce the game and then the audience will have the opportunity to play it together.

Father | Matěj Hložánek, Lucie Formánková
Where do young separated fathers go to spend their time when the best thing they could do is just call? This quasi-documentary trip takes us back to 2002, where a sense of nostalgia and the pain of broken parental relationships intertwine.

Zoo | Miky Fišer, Matěj Hložánek, Vítek Paulík, Nela Kollertová
A game with a capacity for up to 82 players about the authenticity of human existence.

Camp | Miky Fišer, Adel Križovenská
For the first time at a scout camp, as a small child you have to survive a week in an inhospitable environment, collect as many beavers as possible and maybe even make some friends.

Medix | Josef Šmíd
How much can a man endure and what is the value of human life? In this minimalist 2D strategy about war doctors, you struggle to survive yourself and others while your army faces constant pressure during a retreat from a stronger enemy. A narrative campaign with hand-drawn artwork guides you through the story of doctors reaching for the bottom in their fight for a sliver of hope.

Snail mail | Jan Froněk, Berta Doubková
Snail Mail tells the story of a lonely creature who tries to visit her old friends. In their strange world, however, no visit is just any visit. Some friends have their heads in the clouds, for example, and climbing up there can be quite a chore…

Planet | Tereza Kotěšovcová
Play as a small thinking planet. Maintain your ecosystem, create new plant species and discover the abilities that are hidden within you. Soon you will need them, because a human spaceship is approaching you with the intention to exploit all your resources at any cost.

Mr. Meow | Vitek Paulík
Mr. Meow is a lonely little animal who enjoys, lives and survives in the endless environment of procedurally generated Czech forests. You experience with him a terrible dangerous journey, but also a journey full of beauty, freedom, flowers, living nature, dirt, sheep among the mountains, fire from the sun and moonlight. Let yourself drift with the river's current in the rain, but watch out for wolves.

Fittin' | Adam Fišer, Viktor Bobůrka, Sanja Čežek
You play a not-so-rich man who goes to a party for very rich people. Why? For the free catering, of course. Scan the surroundings and listen to people's conversations so you know what to say when they approach you. If you eat a lot of food, they'll get suspicious and go check to see if you belong at the party. Prepare for strange questions about dog shows, dogs and dog shows. If you manage to get full without getting caught, you win!

Zero Impact | Kryštof Ježek
Zero Impact is a musical space story top-down demolition derby in which a space lizard discovers the unknown, the known and himself.