Fr 08 March
filmový blok|90 [min]

What do you think of when you say tenderness? With your eyes closed, you try to paint someone’s face, along with everything that’s written in it. Maybe tenderness smells like a mug of cocoa to which you secretly add a spoonful of Granko when your mother turns her back. Or maybe it has a slightly bitter aftertaste for you, like a chocolate figurine that’s seen more Christmas than you. You taste it with delight, you regret it for a long time. Whatever tenderness means to you, come see what it means to others. You’re in for a treat! But you’re not a kitten that can’t be petted against its fur, are you? V zahradě (Ondřej Dolejší), Uslyšet ucítit / Почути відчути (Kateřina Konrádová), Sea Salt / ملح البحر (Leila Basma), Hluboký les (Klára Ondračková), SEN (Josef Kader Agha), Dospívání (Sumit Mandal), Echo (Marie Smutná), Osmý den (Petr Pylypčuk), Kdybych se chtěla naučit padat (Hana Slaninová).