Ian Mikyska
We 09 June
2021 online
CZ|119 [min]

Ian Mikyska
Diary/palimpsest (5. 2. – 28. 5. 2021)

"Hey, do you want to do something for Alfred's radiofonic program? The password is anti-podcast!"

That subtle message was the beginning of this song. The brief was open in form and scope. So I decided on the diary method, with the idea of trying to include everything in the final piece - musical ideas, field recordings, excerpts from books I had just read, recordings of everyday activities, travels, rehearsals...

The result, however, is not an archive, but a composition - a palimpsest, created by overlapping and manipulating time, i.e. by editing ex-post-production, into a new, final time. The result is a long, sometimes slow radio play (without radio and without actors). The final palimpsest is then always created by listening; by embedding it in your time. Accept the invitation to listen to either just the excerpt(s) or the complete diary/palimpsest.