Laurent Bigot
electronic music|30 [min]

In a dreamlike night, malleable or unstable objects are awakened, animated by the flow of air blown into their bronchi. Taking life, they rock, crack, move, breathe, whistle, belch, whirr ... they speak, answer each other. It is tempting to play with them. Laurent Bigot builds a music in their company. However, they are clever and unpredictable partners.

Glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, baudruches, pipes, aquarium faucets. Two compressors, some microphones.

Laurent Bigot instills the living in the inanimate object. He draws unsuspected sounds and movements. It brings out the possibility of unfolding without narration. "Unstable air" stages disposable objects, discarded. Abandoned, as if returned to the wild, they indulge in their rites of sounds and gestures. They live their own world, uncanny echo of ours, not playing without humor about their refound vitality.

With support from Teatroskop, a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut Français Paris.