Arman Kupelyan a kol.
We 18 September
Th 19 September
Fr 20 September
no language barrier|60 [min]

Chuck My Life is a performance that shows through Butō-clowning the struggle of an individual to cope with the demands of everyday life. The protagonist, Chuck, tries to live a normal life but draws his knowledge of how to function and live from various life "experts" and "coaches". He is stuck in a rut of memorized patterns, although he completely lacks an understanding of their meaning.

Chuck's greatest passion is inflatable balloons, which he enjoys playing with, surrounding himself with, and deriving much joy in life from them. Trying to find compatibility between his passion and the capitalist world he lives in, Chuck tries everything he can to survive materially while remaining happy.

By combining the introspective and intense movement vocabulary of butō with the authenticity, vulnerability and humor of clownery, a synthesis emerges that offers us a glimpse into an extraordinary state of being. The most fragile but also the harshest aspects of the human personality are then brought to the surface.

Prepared by: Arman Kupelyan, Emil Rothermel, Lydia Arinna Emir, Štěpán Plíva
Special thanks: Tep39, Plum Court, Popbalet
Premiere: 26th April 2024, Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Prague