Sa 08 June
Fr 07 June
Th 06 June
art installation with live music|240 [min]

The installation CERN is a system of communicating interconnected objects – old discarded spotlights, beamers, rotating mechanisms and magnifying glasses. An important aspect is the person of the musician who adds a layer live music to the piece. Utilizing light, sound and laws of physics CERN comes to live and establishes a unique world in its own terms.

The installation is based on the lecture “Anthropology and the Problems of the Contemporary World" by Claude Lévi-Strauss, in which Strauss compares scientists to magicians - shamans who conduct mysterious rituals to the uninitiated. From here comes the idea of network of smaller labs where different aspects and relations between natural forces will be examined. The visions of the lab network inspired the creators to take into account the idea of the particle accelerator LHC in Cern in Switzerland.

The items used in the installation come from the “archeological” examinations of the cellar floor of the Vinohrady Theatre as well as from a dismantled high school Cabinet of Physics. The objects are deployed on cascade tables of the CERN labs. All machines are equipped with sonic sensors and are lit through in various ways. Each of the performances will be accompanied by a different contemporary electronic musician

Creators: Mikoláš Zika, Jan Brejcha, Jeník Tyl
Light design: Tereza Bartůňková
Sound design: Veronika Svobodová
Production: Jeník Tyl

Live music:
6.6. - Michal Cáb
7.6. - Jára Tarnovski
8.6. - Slunce (Petr Slunéčko)

Michal Cáb
Michal Cáb deals mostly with noise improvisations, software synth programming, sound installations and audiovisual projects. He studied theology and as a postgraduate studied in the Intermedia Studio III. of Tomáš Vaněk at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Both in his artistic and teaching practice hedeals with the use of programming languages and open-source sowftare as a primary means if expression of contemporary art. His tool is Linux OS and programming language Pure Data, abilities of which he uses both within projects for galleries and theatre. He has also authored numerous pieces of music for theatre performances and exhibitions.

Tarnovski plays music solo as well as in bands Gurun Gurun and IQ+1, in a duo with a Mexican multimedia artist Laura Luna and with Federsel in the project Wabi Experience. He is a member of theaudiovisual project Telekinetic Assault Group, creates field recordings (Prosoxi Skylos), radiodocumentaries (with Lukáš Jiřička), as well as remixes and mixtapes (e.g. Fluid Radio, S13, Headphone Commute). Recently he's been active in the field of musique concréte and works with computer deconstruction and controlled contingency.

Slunce plays the guitar since the age of 9, classical music at first, later Rock and Jazz. In the 1990s he was a member of various New Wave and Punk bands (Post, Averze, Souser), currently his main focus is electronic music. He's produced original score for an industrial performance (Sangredans), performed live with the poet Sisi as well as many other projects. Currently he's a member of the bands Ilinx and Canon Dobra, runs a recording studio and works as a live sound engineer.