Eliška Říhová
for children 6+
Su 08 March
for children 6+
Fr 06 March
CZ|40 [min]

Bao knows nothing else than work in a family shop. One day he receives a mysterious letter… the unknown sender asks Bao for help! Thus begins an adventurous journey which could only be saved by magical tea. Will Bao prevail?

Bao Bao is a puppet play set in ancient Vietnam and was created by students of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of DAMU in collaboration with students of HAMU.

Created and directed by: Eliška Říhová
Music: Pavel Nesit
Music Performers: Eliška Hejhalová, Barbora Rothová, Jakub Hřebíček, Zlata Vohryzková, Pavel Nesit
Stage Design: Veronika Traburová
Dramaturgy: Kristýna Břeská
Performed by: Matouš Fendrych, Leontýnka Janků

The project was supported by the City of Prague and Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.