Ensemble Terrible
Su 28 April
nonverbal|60 [min]

Ensemble Terrible HAMU was founded by students and graduates of the Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) in Prague with focus on music of the 21st century, that of our times as well as of the future.

2019 marks the fourth year of activities of the collective which debuted at MeetFactory in Prague on October 2nd 2015. During first years of existence the collective has performed 40 compositions by 27 composers from 11 countries. This year the collective invites composers who teach at HAMU to participate in the programme, first of which is one with longest career at HAMU - Marek Kopelent. We have selected one of this earlier compositions Reflexe, which is the first of his pieces based on the principles of New Music. The title of the concert refers both to the year of the creation of Reflexe [(19)61] as well as the year of (20)19.

Programme of the first concert by ET held in 2019 aims to connect different generations of composers-teachers and their students. Among Kopelent's students is Ondřej Štochl, whose earlier composition from 2007 is also on the programme. Another composer-teacher involved is Luboš Mrkvička as well as his students Gilberto Agostinho, Petr Hora and Jan Rösner who composed four new pieces for the occasion. The concert therefore consists of two heard and four unheard compositions.