nonverbal|60 [min]

This darkly atmospheric performance straddles the line between Beckett's drama, Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and London's The Star Rover. A glimpse into the intimate universe of an obscure urban survivor: surviving in the wilderness of his room, despite basic animal needs, in a universe enclosed by four walls. He has survived life and is still alive - no Fridays and no weekends. A show with no unnecessary clues or instructions to understand it.

Authors: Wariot Ideal
Performers: Jan Dörner, or Jan Kalivoda, or Vojtěch Švejda
Production: Milena Dörnerová

Wariot Ideal is a creative collective founded in 2009 on the basis of many years of cooperation between Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda and Jan Dörner. Together they have created several different new performances on the Czech independent scene. The group’s members deal in more artistic disciplines than just theatre: film, music, sound and light design. They search for new possibilities in artistic expression with a dose of comedy, presenting unique works on current events in our lives and times.