Tomáš Danielis
Sa 20 November
Tu 13 October
EN|50 [min]

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Performance about movement, words, euphemisms and that what is hidden inside.

21&COUNTING takes communication and reality perception as its main topics. The performance is based on an ironic pretense: delayed 20th anniversary of the author's presence on the scene is an opportunity for a dancer to delve into the old memories and use dance and movement as tools to discuss words and communication. 21&COUNTING is humorous exploration of the ways political correctness and euphemisms are used as means to escape reality and in return deepen contemporary issues related to personal and communal acceptance, as well as a lack of trust felt in everyday meetings with other humans.

Choreography and performance: Tomáš Danielis
Sound, music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Ľubomír Panák
Coproduction: FEYNMEN & DYNAMEaeT
Premiere: 13. 4. 2019, Nu Dance Fest, Bratislava

TOMÁŠ DANIELIS dances between Brussels, Graz, Moscow and Topol'čany. He focuses on the intersection of visual/digital art and movement/dance. As an experienced dancer, he's interested in the understanding and conceptualizing performance via space. It led him to explore the light and photography as means of creative escape. For each of his projects, Danielis creates specific toolset and gestural language. He presented his works in more than 20 countries and is author behind performances such as the Landscapes (2011), Suites (2016), Game (2018) and others.

Supported by: Fond na podporu umenia, Divadelný ústav, Kulturamt Stadt Graz, A9 Land Steiermark, BKA Wien, DOTA
Special thanks to: Divadelný ústav & IG Tanz Steiermark