8lidí is a creative collective established in 2017 as an independent theater group. It consists of directors, dramaturges and stage designers who met in 2014 at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater of DAMU. Permanent members are Petr Erbes, Emilie Formanová, Nina Jacques, Boris Jedinák, Anna Klimešová, Alice Kofláková, Karolína Kotrbová, Zuzana Sceranková, Vendula Tomšů and Viktorie Vášová. The group intervenes into public space with projects tackling current social issues, utilizing aspects of theater, performance, installation and happening. Among the first collaborative projects are Přírodní památka Piazzeta, an eight-hour performance Drobty nebeského chleba, Masaryk jede! happening or the performance Vyznamenání – a segment of the project Lhostejnost neinspiruje held at National Theater, and the project Naughty Bachelor, which saw its restored premiere in Alfred ve dvoře in 2019.

Latest projects of 8lidí include Press Paradox, based on the case of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko and produced at DISK Theater, as well as the project Sametová simulace: Federál, created in cooperation with the Vosto5 and the National Theater.