SK|30 [min]

The Honey and Dust group further expand the Beauty and Disgust cycle. The two new intimate works Dark Night +/- Images for Roe Deer are conceived as a laboratory for (yet not only) arts. The two initially independent works were gradually being pieced together to become a larger project. It consists of four parts: Garden 01, Life and Death of the Unknown Saint, Ars Poetica and Garden 02. Each performance is different in some way - in terms of duration, cast, location, installations and music, while utilizing a set of precisely defined themes and principles. It is a work of constant transformation and research, work which can always be seen and heard from another side, in different contexts, in a different variation. Each performance lasts 30 minutes and is designed for a maximum of 15 spectators. Several performances are shown during one evening program.

Concept, installations: Andrej Kalinka, Juraj Poliak
Graphics: Juraj Poliak
Music: Andrej Kalinka, TL de Victoria
Directed by: Andrej Kalinka
Performed by: Mária Danadová, Andrej Kalinka, Juraj Poliak

The premiere took place on May 13th 2017 in Theater Pôtoň / Bátovce. and the pieces has been performed in various places since
September 2017.

The performance was supported by funding from the Fond na podporu umenia.