Ela Lehotská, Jan Lepšík
SK|75 [min]

The theatrical project Moj Moja goes beyond classical theater. It is primarily an creation of the creative duo Lepšík / Lehotská, who cross the boundaries of performance and audiovisual installations. A key element of the performance is the path. On a journey toward a mythical encounter with their own soul, the two main characters - a woman and a man - guide only two spectators at once. The duality of two actors and two spectators is crucial in order to achieve the point of a unique possibility of a connection and energy flow between the two poles. 

Principles of site-specific set design are applied while being subordinate to the needs of pure expression It draws from the unique characteristics of the site of the performance and reflects its topographical specifics. The experience of the performance limited to two spectators is unique in the way it's transmitting subtle nuances of the creative couple's personal influence. The close distance between the audience and the performers questions our ability to endure the proximity between each other, without the feeling of pressure and manipulation. It establishes a feeling of a safe environment, and at the same time a of a place where the possibility of opening up to each other does not pose a threat.  The audience is invited to be more open to perception, to sharpen the senses and tune in to one another. Principles of puppet theater, shadow play and folk theater are also a used in the the performance              
The creators of the performance aim to offer an experience with characteristics found in ancient pilgrimages. One has to embark on a journey where he meets his counterparts to gain new knowledge. He identifies with either the figure of the woman or the man, in all dimensionality and smallness while searching for his soul.