CZ|45 [min]

Prince Dřevomír is about to become a king, but to reign alone isn't easy and therefore he's looking for a bride. He falls in love with princess Jůvívíjů enchanted by an evil wizard. Prince Dřevomír sets out on a journey to the Iron Castle to save his bride and the whole kingdom. The puppet fairy tale Long, Stout and Sharp-eyes is performed with wooden totem puppets inspired by the poetics of Zbyněk Sekal.

Created by: Alžběta Vitvarová, Štěpán Lustyk, Lukáš Bouzek, René Vitvar
Set design: Alžběta Vitvarová, René Vitvar
Performers: Štěpán Lustyk, Lukáš Bouzek, René Vitvar/Milan Vedral

Premiere takes place on May 30th 2019 within the festival Proces.

The performance was developed as a semestral assignment at KALD DAMU.