Open your eyes when you sleep, close your mouth when you speak – or nothing about Gyula Berger
All the characters in this piece are women. Women who are driven by the desire for cognition, self-revelation and mutual understanding. The aim of the project was to search for meeting points between two independently existing forms of art, video and dance. We look for answers to how video is able to expand the expressive potentials of stage dance, by actively involving the video artist in the performance.

“Down her chest I could hear a dream teller whispering on the heart beat and the wind covering her nape softly embraced my face with her smell. I got a chill and bit her.”
Supported by: L1 Dance Lab independent dancers’ association, Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture, Hungarian National Culture Fund, Bakelit Multi Art Center, Art Sector Foundation, and independent culture centre Tûzraktér, New Web

Gyula Berger, the director and choreographer of the project, is a member of the Hungarian contemporary dance association L1 Dance Lab. It is a creative team of seven independent dancers and choreographers who systematically collaborate in the research and analysis of new trends in the current live art. As part of the last year’s festival in ALFRED, works by choreographers Marta Ladjanszki, Andrea Meszoly, Reka Szabo, and also Gyula Berger were presented.

fotó Aurore Aulong