TWO NOTEBOOKS / Handa Gote research & development

performance length: 60 min
in czech

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Handa Gote open two old notebooks full of notes and are bound to reshoot a fantastic film by Jan Dörner from 20 years ago.

Two Notebooks is a project by Handa Gote which links to their previous project Sapphire Head - a mesh of pseudo-documentary film and theatrical reenactment aimed to revive a forgotten scientific experiment. Among the continuously emerging themes is memory, forgetting and brushing over the past with brighter colors. This is documentary theatre in its own terms, but rather than drawing from the investigative formula based on observations of real people in detail, this form accentuates doubts, failures and embraces the raw and the clumsy. Similarly to Sapphire Head we see an autonomous dialogue questioning Handa Gote's own artistic development and confrontation of our own wishes and old dreams.

In the project Two Notebooks, Jan Dörner aims to finally create the film that once stood at the beginning of his filmmaking career only to remain unfinished. Parts of the fantastic film had been destroyed and the only reference which retained are two notebooks as well traces in the mind of the creator himself, serving as raw material for Handa Gote for the creation of this film-theatrical reenactment.

Two Notebooks take us back to the world without Internet in which some things were nearl impossible and some couldn't be done at all.

Created by: Dörner, Hybler, Svatoš, Švábová, Procházka
Produced by:
Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic

Foto: Martin Špelda Foto: Martin Špelda Foto: Martin Špelda Foto: Martin Špelda Foto: Martin Špelda