The show is suitable for kids from 3 to 6 years old
performance length: 50 min
the show for kids

The show is in English at 10am on 9th and 11th

The curious boy Vrtik, the whiny girl Bambulka and the strict Motorka have decided to visit the mysterious land of Tramtarie. Will they have to cross the waters, take an aeroplane or eat the magic cake? On the journey they will forget their differences and find the star that the stork lost from his nib. This adventurous story will bring new friends and the end of the journey will be a pleasant surprise for everyone.

The three characters meet on a journey to TRAMTARIE, where none of them has been before. Each of them has his own idea of what it is going to be like there and why it is worth making the trip. One of them has a suitcase, another a backpack and the third has a bag. Besides clothes, they carry a number of things which they believe they will need or without which they cannot get by. The journey of the three friends is complicated as well as full of humour. They need their knowledge and skills but also each other as partners and mates. Each of them would like to live his own dream of a great journey. But what should it be like? Which dream is the right one - a beach, balloon flight, birthday party, to become a star? What do we know about our dreams? Don’t we sometimes just crave for something that is “splendid” just in the others’ eyes? The journey to Tramtarie in fact becomes a lesson in how to live in a group, how to assert oneself and how to decide together. How to cope with the weak and strong sides of oneself and others, how to listen to them, start changes and submit. What seem to be weaknesses can become advantages, and the other way round. Thanks to this, the three will succeed in finding the mysterious land of Tramtarie - the place where everyone gets room to be himself.

“The main initiator of the project is our 3-year-old son, who wished to know what we actually do in the theatre. We offer him and other children spectators something else than a puppet piece or dramatisation of a traditional fairy tale. Movement and creative theatre uses different means of expression - gestures, movement, sound, lights, colours, which are naturally very close to the children and together with a sense of humour are the basic elements of our project of three friends and one adventurous journey.” Daniela Vorackova and Philipp Schenker about the making of this performance:

The STAGE CODE theatre group was established by Daniela Vorackova (CZ) and Philipp Schenker (CH) in 1999. Their performances are mostly non-verbal and work with elements of motion theatre, site specific and street theatre. Various international artists cooperate in their projects. The group has also performed in Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Holland, Poland, the Ukraine and the USA.
supported by: City Prague and MOTUS – producers of ALFREDVEDVOŘE Theatre