free improvisation
performance length: 50 min
(kolektiv) D.I.S.Harmonie
improvising: Josef Rosen, Marcela Máchová , Lukáš Bouzek, Martin Sedláček
music (The Wind Tamer - Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet): Jindřich Krippner

The group focuses on “theatrical adrenaline” – performances where nothing is arranged beforehand. Performances are a dynamic and open game between the stage and spectators whose response receives an immediate reaction from the actors.

The free improvisations of D.I.S. HARMONY are first night and last night performances at once; they have the potential to maintain their regular spectators who would otherwise have only come to the theatre for their new stuff. Several times the group has found that it also has the potential to address the so-called primarily non-theatrical public, who are burdened with the false notion of theatre as a boring conversational drama or something academic they worry they will not understand. D.I.S. HARMONY certainly do not act “simple stuff” for “everyone” but they hope that they have the skills to break down the barriers in the field of non-traditional theatre, which should not be feared just because it’s different.

The D.I.S. HARMONY theatre improvisation group was established in 2001 as an independent association of the former classmates from the DAMU university based on the study of improvisation.

D.I.S. HARMONY on free improvisation:
We have based our performances on the free improvisation principle, i.e. with no circumstances or rules set up beforehand. The group has 4 actors and 2 musicians. The number of performers differs with each piece. These performances strive to engross the public with the fact that without any preparation a story can be conceived on the stage involving unexpected and sometimes bizarre situations. Everything is established in situ, with no previous arrangement. No need for director, screenplay and script writer.\"

First night and last night at once.