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For decades this film directed by Otakar Vávra in the wake of WWII was nearly forgotten in archives only to later bring about the creation of an artistic collective 8lidí, all members of which have ties to this piece of cinema.

The performance is based on the concept of dramaturgical introductions held in theatre foyers in order to 'pump' the audience with knowledge related to the content of the play. The question being asked here is: could the introduction itself become an art form? Is it capable of transforming the meaning of the following film screening? Our interest was further stirred by the fact that all members of our group 8lidí have personal ties to the movie and all these aspects challenged us to create this unconventional performance. The Naughty Bachelor seen after a dramaturgical introduction by 8lidí will never be the same movie it once was.

The independent artistic collective 8lidí consists of directors, dramaturges and set designers who met in 2014 while studying at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU Prague and who decided to continue their collaboration. Permanent members of the group are Vendula Bělochová, Petr Erbes, Nina Jacques, Boris Jedinák, Anna Klimešová, Karolína Kotrbová, Zuzana Sceranková and Viktorie Vášová, producers of the collective are Emílie Formanová and Prokop Novák.

Special thanks go to KALD DAMU and Magda Jiřička-Stojowská.