TaBALADA / Décalages Profile

DÉCALAGES - Theatre in Movement
performance length: 60 min
physical theatre
no language barrier
Concept and realisation of the allegorical cart: Petr Píša (v kooperaci s Adamem a Janem), Salvi Salvatore
costumes: Erika Čičmanová, Yumi Hayashi
dramaturgical and direction support:: Zoja Mikotová
Light design: Roman Douda, Mikoláš Holba
Musical score: Dan Fikejz
performed by: Perla Kotmelová, Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore
Sound design: Ondřej Dědeček
Stage design production: Yumi Hayashi
Storyline and screenplay: Seiline Vallée, legenda Obasute
technical collaboration: Štěpána Pobořilová, Michal a Petr Kalivodovi

The topic of the performance is loosely based on the Japanese “Obasute” legend, which also exists in literary form and became the basis for two versions of the film “The ballad of Narajama” (the first in 1958 and the second in 1983).

The story tells of an old woman who is brought into the mountains because she is no longer beneficial to her community. It is customary in the isolated village of Obasute that old people who reach the age of 70 voluntarily leave the village and go to the mountains to die there.

The performance takes place around the allegorical carriage. The show uses specific visual language in the adaptation: dance, marionettes, and aerial acrobatics. Music and singing are also an important part of the show.
First staging: 7 May 2008 as part of the Gliwickie spotkanie Teatralne festival (the prize for the best performance of the Inspiracje 2008 project).

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