Once Upon a Time in the Meadow

performance length: min
no language barrier
inscenační skupina GUM
costumes: Eva Blahová
direction: Adam Renč, David Pečírka
dramaturgy: Adam Renč, David Pečírka
head technician: Dědek
light design: Eva Blahová
movement support: Miřenka Čechová
performed by: Perla Kotmelová, Patrik Vojtíšek
set design: Eva Blahová

The story of an actor and an actress for whom rehearsal of their roles as a butterfly and a flower bring about the unexpected resolution of their dysfunctional relationship. Warning, several species are becoming endangered! This piece is based on the action stage design of Eva Blahová, now working with the stage designing principle of a circle/flower, animated by the movement of the dancer at its centre. The work makes use of non-verbal theatre elements, especially mime and gesture acting, light design and intrinsic sound and music.