OBSESSION / Décalages Profile

DÉCALAGES - Theatre in Movement
performance length: 60 min
physical theatre
no language barrier
Consultation in dramaturgy: Jan Vedral
direction: Irina E. Andreeva
Light design: Martin Špetlík
Music design: Viktor Amalev
performed by: Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore
theme: Irina E. Andreeva, Seiline Vallée, Salvi Salvatore, Jan Vedral

Man, Woman, Obsession. This performance explores the limits of the relationship between a man and woman, namely the need to control, succumb, transform, resist, approach, own, share, be alone, be together … The initial inspiration was a quotation from Plato. The Antique philosopher claimed that human being was originally complete, i.e. with two heads and four legs, before being split apart by Zeus as a punishment. Since then the two halves have helplessly sought one another – the male and female of that being – to be able to merge into the unity of happiness.

The first independent performance of Decalages was created under the direction of Irina Andreeva – the director, performer and the founder member of Teatr Novogo Fronta, a physical theatre group. The performance features brand new and original techniques and approaches, a combination of acrobatics with drama, dance and theatre of objects.
First staging: 11. 3. 2007

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